Ford Fuel Efficent Vehicles and Hybrid Models at Al Piemonte Ford

Al Piemonte Ford has a great selection of new Ford vehicles with great fuel efficiency!

Ford Motor Company is really on the ball when it comes to continuing efforts to increase fuel economy through new and improved technology. Ford offers an impressive lineup of vehicles engineered to save you money at the pump. From hybrid models and EcoBoost engines to aerodynamic designs and new materials to lower weight and increase strength, Ford does impressive work to make things more economical.

For instance, take the 3.5L EcoBoost engine available on the Taurus SHO, Flex, and F-150. This engine direct injection technology with twin-turbocharged performance. The result of these systems working in sync is basically no turbo lag and instant low-end torque responsiveness. In other words, V6 economy with V8 performance. Ford is working to get this technology into 500,000 vehicles within the next 5 years.

Check out some of the great models that Ford has to offer with some seriously competitive fuel economies below:

FocusThe newly redesigned Ford Focus (available this spring) was engineered for efficiency. It has an available PowerShift™ automatic transmission provides the efficiency of a manual transmission. The standard 2.0L Ti-VCT I4 engine uses direct injection, providing a more precise charge that is cooler and more dense. The Twin Independed Variable Cam Timing allows for great performance that is also efficient by automatically adjusting itself at low RPMs to increase fuel efficiency, but also providing great power when you need it.

The Ford Focus' body structure even adds to fuel economy. Infused with ultra high strength boron steel, weight is reduced without sacrificing safety. This steel is actually up to four times stronger than your typical high strength steel.

FusionThe Ford Fusion Hybrid has a lot of features working towards giving it stellar MPG of 41 city / 36 highway. It's powered by both an electric motor and a 2.5L Atkinson-Cycle I-4 gas engine. Alone, the electric motor will power your Fusion Hybrid at speeds up to 47mph. The gas powered engine will kick in to work with the electric motor when you're still going up to 47mph, but need an extra boost of power for situations like passing. Above 47mph, the gas-powered engine takes over. What this means is that you'll be able to travel in city traffic over 700 miles on a single tank of gas. Fusion Hybrid also comes with SmartGauge™ with EcoGuide, which adds two LCD displays on either side of the spedometer. These screens show information to help you get the most fuel efficiency from your Fusion. You can even watch leaves grow on your screen when you are driving efficiently. The more leaves, the more efficient your Fusion is running.

Even the non-hybrid Fusion model helps out at the pump. You can get an available 3.0L Duratc V6 engine that gives you the capability to use Flex Fuel. This allows you to use either unleaded gasoline or E85 (or any mix of the two).

FiestaThe 2011 Ford Fiesta really is a "pretty big deal" with it's impressive fuel economy reaching up to 40mpg on the highway with the available Super Fuel Economy Package. This package includes a Powershift six-speed automatic transmission which provides constant torque to the wheels, making the driver and passengers feel more connected to the road. It also has leak-free dry clutch technology which adds to the fuel efficiency by reducing drag. It also requires virtually no maintenance with fill-for-life transmission fluid, lasting up to 150,000 miles. Fuel economy is further increased with underbody shields and blockers on the lower grille to further reduce drag and wind resistance.

Escape HybridThe Ford Escape Hybrid is a "No-Compromise Hybrid." Ford engineering has made it both powerful and fuel efficient, and your driving experience basically matches that of a non-hybrid SUV. It can go from a complete stop and accelerate up to 44mph without the gas engine. Even once the gas engine kicks in, Escape Hybrid still gets an impressive 34 city MPG. The nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) battery that powers this hybrid is sealed and secured under the rear cargo area load floor. Escape's Regenerative Braking system allows the battery to recharge every time you apply the brakes. When you brake in a regular vehicle, the energy from this process is just expelled as heat. The Regenerative Braking takes this energy produced and actually uses it to add power to the battery that's stored for later use.

Like the Fusion Hybrid's non-hybrid brother, the standard Escape also helps at the pump with an available 3.0L Duratec® V6 engine that's Flex Fuel capable. Even with the standard 2.5L Duratec® I-4 engine, the Escape gets great fuel economy of 21 city / 28 highway MPG with an automatic transmission. How many SUVs can top that?

Transit ConnectTransit Connect extends Ford's great fuel efficiency techology to the commercial world. Transit Connect's best-in-class fuel economy allows you to go up to 354 miles on a single tank (based on its combined fuel economy of 23mpg). You'll get all the great room and versatility that comes with a work van with the efficiency you'd get from a large car.

Plus, you don't have to sacrifice power for fuel economy. The 2.0L Duratec® 16-valve I-4 engine will give you 136 horsepower and 128 lb.-ft. of torque, but it still delivers 21mpg in the city and 26mpg on the highway.

MPG listed values for all vehicles above are EPA estimated values. See dealer for more information and details.