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What is a Hybrid?

Hybrid vehicles have become extremely popular among consumers. This type of vehicle uses at least two forms of power and sometimes more. HEV's or hybrid electric vehicles are the most commonly known term to fit into the definition of a hybrid. HEV's combine an internal combustion engine with a single electric motor or even multiple electric motors. Ford Hybrids are among some of the most innovative models out on our highways, and manufacturers continue to improve on making the hybrid car a common theme in American society.

Attractive features of a hybrid include affordability and a high fuel-efficiency, which is better for the environment. Scientists have been concerned for a long time about the potential side effects that come with a gasoline driven vehicle. Greenhouse gases released from gasoline driven vehicles are a big time pollutant, and these gases appear to be destroying the Earth's atmosphere by eating away at our protective ozone layer, which shields us from the sun's harmful UV rays. If the ozone layer were to completely disappear, there would be nothing left to protect people from direct harmful exposure to the sun's ultra-violet radiation. The results could be catastrophic. As a result of scientific studies over many years, car manufacturers, including Ford, are now taking an energy efficient attitude when designing their vehicles and ensuring that greenhouse gas production is cut down and eventually eliminated completely on a worldwide level.

A gasoline electric hybrid features two distinct kinds of cars. One kind is known as the parallel hybrid, and the other is called a series hybrid. The parallel model features a gasoline engine, along with an electric motor. Both of these devices work with each other to propel the vehicle ahead in a forward motion. On the other hand, a series hybrid features a gasoline engine, which generates power directly to an electric motor. This motor provides a power source to the vehicle and has the ability to charge car batteries while the driver is on the highway. Throw in some very sophisticated transmissions alongside these features, and you end up with a vehicle that is extremely fuel efficient. Some hybrids have over 25% fuel savings with some models boasting over 30% in contrast to a standard gasoline vehicle! This results in a reduction of greenhouse gases being introduced into the Earth's atmosphere, but the real selling point is the money you will save on gasoline. The bonus is a vehicle where you can just jump in and get moving, which makes driving even more fun!

Ford is among the leading developers of the innovative hybrid vehicle. The Escape Hybrid is a very popular model, and the 2010 Escape Hybrids getting ready to hit the markets are drawing a lot of positive attention in all the right areas for Ford. The 2010 models coming out will feature reduced greenhouse gas emissions and regenerative braking. Drivers on average will get 34 miles to the gallon with this fuel-efficient vehicle and also have the extra luxury of having eco-friendly seating. Materials used in seating for this vehicle is made from post-industrial materials, such as polyester fibers. Another amazing feature of this particular Ford vehicle is the cushion design. The cushions utilize a bio-based polyurethane foam, which comes directly from the oils of different plant seeds (example: soybean). These cushions improve durability, comfort, and style within the vehicle, which provides the consumer with a wonderful alternative to a less efficient regular gasoline engine.

Hybrids are basically in their infancy stages right now, but car manufacturers, such as Ford, are making tremendous strides in all the right directions to provide consumers with a fuel-efficient vehicle that will save the driver money over the long run and also begin the process of saving our atmosphere from destructive greenhouse gases. However, the switch is now on at Ford and many other car dealerships all throughout the world. Ford continues its great success by making progress in the visual and environmental categories when it comes to vehicle development. Ford generates many different kinds of eye appealing vehicles while adhering to warnings given to us from scientists by developing some of the most innovative hybrid vehicles seen on the road today. Al Piemonte Ford has great deals on Ford hybrid vehicles located in Melrose Parkserving the Chicago area.